Mike Schwalbach

I have a message for Mike Schwalbach.

I’m not dumb enough to tell you who I am, but I’m sure you have an idea. You have proven how ruthless you can be, but what you have failed to realize is that I’m the same way. You have continued to attack me both personally and professionally, and I have ignored you. Now, your recent attacks have gone too far.

I have made every attempt to resolve this peacefully, and I was willing to accept an apology for every bit of slanderous information you have put out there. Yet you have refused to do it. I find it hard to believe that after all this time you feel the need to go after me, and in spite of the failure I had with your program I have moved on. I don’t understand why you can’t leave well enough alone.


Mike Schwalbach Has Crossed the Line!

Mike Schwalbach has attacked me over the last few years, but he has crossed the line.

Now, I have no choice but to fight back. I plan to expose him for the scam artist he really is, and this website is just the beginning. I won’t stop until I get an apology for everything he has said and done.

I’m smarter than you, and any attack you make I can bring back tenfold. Now you will get a taste of how ruthless I can be, and I’m ten times more relentless than you. I’m more powerful than you can ever aspire to be, and you shouldn’t underestimate me.

As much as you would like to deny it, I will never stop. And the only person who can put an end to this is you. I will continue to attack you, your business, and your family until I get a written apology from you. I won’t stop until you’re ground under and your reputation has been destroyed. You may not think I have the power to do that, but believe me I do. I can eliminate any chance you have of doing business again, and I will expose you for the fraud you really are.


Mike Schwalbach Has Made a Huge Mistake!

It should be clear that Mike Schwalbach messed with the wrong person, and he made a huge mistake by going after me and my loved ones. Now, I plan to do the same. He has brought this on himself, and I will continue to fight back with more force than he has ever done to me. He has taken this too far, and I won’t stop until he gives me what I want.

I’m calling him out for what he really is – a thief and a con artist. And he deserves every bit of discredit I throw at him. I don’t care if he’s running a scam. It makes no difference to me, but going after my friends and family is taking it too far.

The smart thing would be to apologize. I’m stronger than he can possibly imagine, and I would encourage him to put an end to this by apologizing for everything he has done. I don’t want to go after his family, but I will if I have to. After all, he has gone after mine. When I get a written apology, all the attacks will stop. But I can’t allow him to jeopardize everything I’ve built over the last few years.

You don’t want to go further down the rabbit hole than you are right now, and you don’t want to push me any further. I won’t hesitate to use my power against you, and you don’t scare me. There’s only one way to stop this, and I won’t accept anything else. I know I have an advantage over you, and I know what I can do to you. Pushing me any further will make things worse for you, so I suggest you do what I ask.

Mike Schwalbach has made a big mistake by going after me, and now he will suffer the consequences.

I will continue to attack him until he takes back everything he ever said about me, and I will do everything in my power to destroy him. He has attacked the wrong person, and I will make him pay for everything he has done.